Kolide: Can Zero Trust Be Saved? [Sponsor]

Kolide: Can Zero Trust Be Saved? [Sponsor]

Right now, “Zero Trust” is in serious danger of rhadamanthine an empty buzzword. The problem isn’t just that marketers have slapped the Zero Trust label on everything short of breakfast cereal–it’s that for all the hype, we don’t seem to be getting any safer.

At the heart of Zero Trust is a good idea, but the way most companies execute that idea is incomplete. Specifically, most security practitioners forget that device compliance is a crucial element of Zero Trust.

Think well-nigh it: your identity provider can ensure that only known devices wangle your company’s apps, but just considering you recognize a device, doesn’t midpoint it’s in a secure state. A malware-infected palmtop running an outdated OS can’t exactly be “trusted.” And you can’t count on MDMs to unzip total compliance. Things like unencrypted wangle credentials are out of their reach, not to mention Linux devices writ large.

Kolide solves the device compliance element of Zero Trust for companies that use Okta.

Our premise is simple: if an employee’s device is out of compliance, it can’t wangle your apps.

Kolide’s unique tideway works with Okta to make device compliance part of the hallmark process. If a device isn’t compliant, users can’t log in to their deject apps until they’ve stock-still the problem. And instead of creating increasingly work for IT, Kolide provides instructions so users can get unblocked on their own.

Kolide works wideness your Mac, Windows, and plane Linux devices, with mobile support coming soon. Our lightweight wage-earner complements your existing tools, brings a lot of compliance issues into telescopic and under control, and can well-constructed your Zero Trust picture.

To learn increasingly and see our product in action, visit kolide.com.

Our thanks to Kolide for sponsoring MacStories this week.

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